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¡Viva Calaca!

a project by ritxi ostáriz


¡Viva Calaca!
An animation project by Ritxi Ostáriz


¡Viva Calaca! is an animation project created by the graphic and digital designer Ritxi Ostáriz, and it is based on the Day of the Dead celebrated every year in Mexico.

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Chapter 1
The Day of the Dead


First chapter of ¡Viva Calaca! was released in 2008, and it shows a party of dancing calacas (Mexican word for skeletons) celebrated at a Mexican traditional village. 

Watch it now!

Chapter 2
Pink Elephants
on Parade


Second chapter was released in 2010, and it shows what happened after that party. One of the calacas gets drunk and starts having some strange visions. This piece is a tribute to the scene Pink Elephants on Parade, from the Disney film Dumbo.

Watch it now!

Get the videos!


Do you want to play ¡Viva Calaca! videos in your Day of the Dead party? Ok, you call it Halloween! Maybe in a design festival or event? You can now get the videos in high quality and resolution, just click on the button and follow the instructions!

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So Frequently
Asked Questions


Why to make a project about the Day of the Dead? Are you Mexican?

¡Viva Calaca! is a project by Ritxi Ostáriz, graphic designer born in Bilbao, in the North of Spain. Ritxi is so passionate about all cultures and a great defender of traditions and folklore. ¡Viva Calaca! was created as tribute to the lovely Mexican Day of the Dead, to promote this festival around the world. ¡Viva Calaca! doesn’t like Halloween!

What software was used for animating ¡Viva Calaca! videos?

All characters and scenarios were created in Adobe Illustrator and all details (shadows, lights, textures…) added with Adobe Photoshop. Both ¡Viva Calaca! videos were exclusively animated in Adobe After Effects using 3D layers and lights. No other 3D software was used and we are happy for it!

I am teacher at school; can I show ¡Viva Calaca! to my students?

YES, of course!! A lot of teachers ask for this question, and it is truly a great honour! It is lovely when kids are fascinated by the project. Do you know what would be amazing? Ask the students to make an art project inspired by ¡Viva Calaca! and send it to Ritxi Ostáriz (ritxi@ritxiostariz.com).

Can I write an article about ¡Viva Calaca! project in my blog / mag?

Yes, of course, thank you so much for your interest! Do it and tell Ritxi Ostáriz (ritxi@ritxiostariz.com) about it to post in in social media. If you want, you can also insert the videos in your page, by getting the embed codes in the following links: Vimeo: Chapter 1Chapter 2 / Youtube: Chapter 1Chapter 2

Can I use ¡Viva Calaca! as Youtube videoclip for my music band?

No, you cannot! Both ¡Viva Calaca! videos were made exclusively for the ¡Viva Calaca! project and cannot be used for any other purpose. But if you would be interested in having a custom videoclip for your band in a ¡Viva Calaca!-style, just get in touch with Ritxi Ostáriz (ritxi@ritxiostariz.com) and he will be so happy of helping you.

Can I show ¡Viva Calaca! videos at my festival / event / party?

Yes, of course! We are happy you want to spread the ¡Viva Calaca! project. Please visit the GET THE VIDEOS section in this website and learn more about how to download the movies. And don’t forget to send us some photos once your festival / event / party is finished! They will be posted in the official ¡Viva Calaca! Facebook page.

Can I create my own projects inspired by ¡Viva Calaca! characters?

It is so great that you want to create something inspired by ¡Viva Calaca! It can be video, illustration, painting, music, crafts… whatever! The only condition is that it cannot be a commercial project, and if you show it in Internet don’t forget to put credit “Inspired by ¡Viva Calaca!, a project by Ritxi Ostáriz”. Pictures of your art would be welcome!

We are so impatient; when would ¡Viva Calaca! Ch. 3 be released?

Good question! ¡Viva Calaca! videos needed a lot of work, and considering they were made by one single person, it means ‘a lot of time’! It is impossible to know if there will ever be a third chapter of ¡Viva Calaca! If you want, you can join the Official ¡Viva Calaca! page at Facebook, to be updated about all the news of the project.

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If you want to be updated about all things happening around ¡Viva Calaca! you are welcome to join the official ¡Viva Calaca! page at Facebook. Feel free to make any comment about the project, and send us all the pictures of your illustrations, paintings, poems, or even tattoos inspired by ¡Viva Calaca!

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